Al-Basheer Foundation for Development began to provide humanitarian and relief services from the earliest days of its immediate emergence by lending a helping hand and assistance. Priority was given to vulnerable and poor families, widows and orphans. Visits to orphanages and the elderly were the primary concern of the institution’s members, particularly at religious and national events such as holidays, where gifts, clothes and children’s toys were provided to orphanages. As for homes for the elderly, the clothes, medicine, and medical care were a panacea for their plight.

The Foundation devotes close attention to widows and people living under the poverty line as well as people with special needs. The buildings of the Al-Basheer Medical Complexes, which are allocated in poor areas, were the destination of these proportions to be granted with food in the form of baskets containing a wide range of staples, such as rice, sugar, tea, oil, tomato paste, flour, legumes like (chickpeas, beans, lentil, Broad beans) and meat, as well as detergents like soap and laundry detergent.

With the start of the school year, the Foundation takes the initiative to distribute school uniforms for the boys (White shirts alongside trousers) and for the girls (Vest-Dress alongside white shirts), and by the beginning of the winter season jackets are distributed among them. Widows and women living in poor conditions were given clothes, especially at religious and national events.