Al-Basher Foundation for Development’s vision towards the educational aspect in Iraq aims to promote the educational environment practically and professionally to ensure that the educated youth meet the labour market requirements. Al-Basheer is committed to ensuring the establishment of solid educational programs that support academic education. The programs aim to raise the quality of education and seek to build and prepare the individual for a changing world. One of the essential objectives of Al-Basheer Foundation for Development is to set the solid foundations for cooperation among establishments concerned with academic and professional development. In addition, Al-Basher Foundation for Development is proud to play a role of bridge between specialists, including professors and teachers from prestigious and pioneering local universities and schools, and aspiring young people.

Our activities in the educational scope are divided into two main categories:

–          Academic activities: This includes free tutoring courses for students in preparatory and university studies, including:

  • Courses in the scientific curriculum for the intermediate and preparatory stages (physics, chemistry, biology, mathematics).
  • Courses in the literary curriculum for the intermediate and preparatory stages (English, Arabic, economics, social studies).
  • Courses in various university curriculums by hosting qualified university professors to provide free lectures.

–          Vocational activities: Al-Basher Foundation for Development offers a set of free vocational courses aimed at building and developing the working life of young people to enable them to enter the Iraqi and global labour market by developing their various professional abilities and skills, this includes:

  • Sewing courses for young women
  • Barbering and make-up courses for young women
  • Barbering courses for young men
  • Phones’ repair courses for young people
  • Bandaging courses for young women
  • Video Editing courses
  • Cyber Security Course
  • Human development courses and teamwork
  • Basic Management courses
  • Microsoft Office courses
  • Courses in photo editing software
  • Courses in Marketing skills