The Al-Basheer Foundation for Development embraces great attention to respecting and preserving cultural diversity in Iraq and the region. We took the responsibility of  helping diverse communities to understand each other through conducting a frequent and consistent series of events and activities, such as:

  • Cultural courses and lectures.
  • Intellectual and cultural seminars and conferences.
  • Dialogue sessions in cross-cultural exchanges and mutual knowledge to preserve the diversity in Iraq and the region.
  • Issuing publications and posters, and conducting human development courses that target the youth to develop them through science and knowledge.
  • Organizing dialogue sessions to share practical experiences in entrepreneurship and establishing small-scale enterprises.
  • Conducting awareness campaigns about the harmful effects of smoking and the attention to sanitation & hygiene.
  • Al-Basheer Foundation for Development has played a major role in the fight against Covid-19 pandemic through awareness-raising by publishing dozens of publications on the severity of the pandemic and the importance of its prevention. The Foundation has also played a significant role in promoting vaccination. The Foundation was honoured, in this regard, by the non-governmental organizations’ Directorate that belongs to the state of Iraq.